You only have 10 seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers. In this live virtual training business owners will learn to turn their marketing messages from "meh" to mesmerizing. 

Join me on Thursday January 17, 2019 at 7 pm CST. 


"Meh" Messages:

  • Spend too many words focused on all the reasons why the company is great (yawn)
  • Don't focus on an immediate resolution to the one issue the client needs resolved
  • Contain language that could be used by any other company in your industry
  • Are filled with mostly "I" "We" and "Our" instead of "You""Ya'll" and "Yours" 
  • Fail to stir up emotion and are generally forgettable 
  • Mistake "No-duh Platitudes" for quality messaging
  • Don't work. If you don't currently have enough customers to reach your financial goals - you need to fix your message A.S.A.P.!

Mesmerizing Messages:

  • Help you attract ideal clients and detract non-ideal clients
  • Focus more on the customer than the company 
  • Are complete yet concise
  • Are communicated in real-life, plain English not boring corporate robot speak
  • Contain one clear call to action
  • Are so completely unique to the company that no one can imitate or duplicate
  • Can be used across a variety of marketing channels including your website, social media pages, speeches, pitches, proposals and sales calls.

Here is what the training includes:

  • The exact 7-step system to create mesmerizing, client-centered messages that inspire potential customers to take action.
  • 2-hour virtual training (join from anywhere and any device) 
  • A downloadable, fill-in-the-blank action guide
  •  Live Q&A session (I'll stay on the line until every Q has an A)
  • 30 days of unlimited email support to provide you with feedback and guidance while you implement what you learned
  • Lifetime access to the recording of training

"Summer provided a wealth of information during her "Present for Profit" Masterclass - covering everything from crafting a dynamic signature talk to the formula for making big bucks in the speaking industry. She took care to share her personal journey in a way that was both inspiring and informational, and it really resonated with me. I finished Summer's class charged up with resources and action items to help me reach my next level as a professional speaker.  

Summer is an excellent teacher for speakers at all levels. I've attended other workshops that she's hosted, and I love that she brings her full self to the table every time. A highly recommended her as a speaker and marketing professional." - Aaja Corinne Magee, Brand Strategist & Speaker , Aaja Corrine the Brand  

Marketing Courses Vault

All of my live trainings go into my Marketing Course Vault. That means even if you miss the live course you can still access the recording and watch the training at your own convenience. As an added bonus all courses in the vault come with access to 30 days of unlimited email support.

Power of One

Take the 90 day challenge where I teach you the power of focusing on one client, one problem, one message, one strategy and one goal.

Present for Profit

In this training you will learn the complete 9-step system to grow your business using paid speaking as a strategy to attract new clients. 

Meh to Mesmerizing

Learn to create marketing messages that inspire your potential customers to take action. Say goodbye to boring, forgettable messages. 

Meet Summer

With a background in market research, technology, and communications; Summer Alexander is uniquely qualified to help businesses learn to combine their data with their story to create client-centered messaging. As CEO of Simply Marketing Solutions, LLC she leads the marketing strategy consulting firm and has advised clients in the areas of market analysis and industry research, strategic marketing plan development, marketing message creation and implementation, community outreach and social media strategy.  

Summer has also trained over 1,000 entrepreneurs on how to develop and implement effective marketing programs. In 2014 she authored the #1 Amazon Best Seller The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas. A recognized thought leader in her industry Summer has been a featured guest expert on Black Enterprise, Jet, WGN TV, WCIU TV, Rolling Out, and several other media outlets.